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Hello World!!

By guest, Jul 30 2015 11:34PM

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Aug 31 2016 02:01PM by Omega Electric

Thank you for visiting our page. At one point in time or another, electrical services are needed whether it's an outlet that is no longer working, maybe is the old school two-pronged and needs replaced or something on a larger scale as a foyer chandelier. We are happy to be available to service your needs. Rest assured, your work will be completed in a timely fashion, done by experts in this field and most importantly, our services come with full warranty. Your safe in our hands. Have a great day America.

Aug 31 2016 11:39PM by Anastacia M.

We were having a bad storm and our electric went completely out. I tried resetting the breaker box but that didn't help. Of coarse, we went running around the house trying to see if we could find the culprit. No luck. In a frenzy, I went down the line calling electrical companies hoping to reach someone who could help. No one answered, call after call. At that point, desperation set in. Kids, pets, food, ect. Anyway, as I was losing hope for the evening, I thought I'd make one more call, what else do I have to lose and I actually reached a live person at Omega. They said someone would be over within the hour so hang in there. What a relief!! Turns out it was a fried breaker. The technician fixed the issue and our power was restored. Just wanted to reach out and say THANKS Omega. I don't know what we would have done had you not picked up the phone in my moment of desperation. I don't know if this is the place where I should write this but I am very appreciative so if you ever find yourself in a situation like mine, you know who to call. They are reliable. I think people deserve to know about experiences with customers. I know I do.

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